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It represents the best of our values, the best of our history, and the best of our party, all of our shared ideas and values together.Hillary Clinton knows that when we have paid family leave that this something that must happen, because when a parent doesn’t have to choose between being there for a sick child and paying rent, or when a single mom earns an equal wage for equal work, it empowers the most important building block in all of our nation, and that is the family.She knows that in a global knowledge-based economy, the country that out-educates the world will out-earn the world, out-innovate the world, and will lead the world.

In this great nation, where our founders put a fundamental principle forward of religious freedom, he says ban all Muslims, don’t let certain people into our America because of how they pray. Yet, without remorse, even as people got hurt and lost jobs by his failures, he bragged, and I quote, “The money I took out of there was incredible.” Yes, he took out a lot of cash, but he stiffed contractors, many of them small businesses, refusing to pay them for the work that they’d done.

They were saddled with the imperfections and even the bigotry of the past. (APPLAUSE) Generations of heroic Americans have made our nation more inclusive, more expansive, and more just.

But our founding documents weren’t genius because they were perfect. In fact, I believe we are an even greater nation, not because we started perfect, but because every generation has successfully labored to make us a more perfect union.

Now, I take particular interest in the fact that Trump says he would run our country like he’s run his businesses. You know, we in America have seen enough of a handful of people growing rich at the cost of a nation descending into crisis.

(APPLAUSE) America, at our best, we stand up to bullies, and we fight those who seek to demean and degrade other Americans.

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