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“The biggest reason for Russian businessmen moving their money to Cyprus or other offshore places is the fear of losing it,” said Svetlana Ledyaeva, an assistant professor of economics at Aalto University in Finland, who has written about Russian offshore investment.“Russia is unstable politically, and a rich Russian can see all his money confiscated and himself put in jail one morning.” The Russian who got his passport after buying two villas is now transferring his Dutch company to Cyprus to take advantage of a deal that came with his new citizenship: tax-exempt investment income for 17 years.Any “gangster or oligarch will be able to do this unhindered if he has a bank account,” he said.“This seems to me to be rather outrageous and unfair.” In the case of Cyprus, there are signs he was right.Real estate purchases by passport seekers have put a floor under property prices, which normally would have cratered as banks cleaned up crisis-era mortgages through foreclosures.The number of Russian tourists is up 65 per cent since before the crisis, government statistics show, helping hotels, restaurants and retail stores.The sale of EU citizenship has raised concern among anti-corruption advocates, who say the practice opens gaping gateways into the 28-nation bloc.“That’s a back door,” said Miklos Ligeti, legal director of Transparency International Hungary, which has published research on alleged abuses in a Hungarian program that exchanges residency for bond investments.

One newly-minted Cypriot detailed how it works, chatting last month over a dinner of barely touched sushi, hamburger and local white wine at a restaurant overlooking the Limassol marina.That's a globetrotter's dream compared with Russia's 105, a figure taken from an index compiled by Montreal-based Arton Capital, which advises clients seeking passports.A US program offering residency rights in exchange for investment is under renewed scrutiny after press reports that companies associated with White House adviser and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner have been pitching it to Chinese investors.The nation's EU membership also makes its passport a golden ticket.The burgundy-red booklet allows travel to 147 countries, including the UK and Japan, without getting a visa in advance.

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